Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator

uganda equator tour
Uganda Equator

Uganda Equator is one of the best Uganda tour Destinations where one can go and stand with one leg in the northern and the other in the south hemisphere. We suggest that on your visit to Uganda safaris , travellers wouldn’t go missing without visiting the Uganda equator, the best place full of fun and  excitement as you take photo shoot and get amazed with great viewing of the craft shops and photo shooting which is quite rewarding as you stand on the equator with your own two legs but on separate hemispheres of the world ‘’one leg on the left and another on the right’’ To note, Uganda Equator is one of the top touristic attraction you shouldn’t miss to visit on safari to Uganda. However, the Equator is defined has an imaginary line that separates the two hemispheres of the world which is the northern hemisphere and the southern hemisphere.

First of all, Uganda is a blessed country with very many amazing nature wonders that’s why is called the pearl of Africa and one of the wonders is the remarkable equator. Uganda is one of the few countries around the world where the Equator runs through it. And here in Uganda, the best place to explore the Equator is in Kayabwe town in Mpigi district approximately only 72km from Kampala which is 2 driving hours.

To many travellers who have visited Uganda Equator while on their safari in Uganda, they do experience the area while on their tour en route to Uganda’s notable national parks such as Bwindi impenetrable forest park, Queen Elizabeth national park, and Lake Mburo national park. Visitors can as well find the equator markers near Entebbe and Queen Elizabeth national park. But the prominent primary Equator destination is on Kampala –Masaka Road in kayabwe town.

Note that, the best way to see the Uganda Equator is on safari Uganda in western direction since is the only route used to access western national park as you pass by the Equator, and in most cases this can be a stopover point at kayebwe along Masaka Road.

The Uganda Equator has become a landmark of tourist destinations in Uganda because of the outstanding facts about the Equator that is, the sun rises and falls at a shorter interval while at the Equator as we compare it to other parts of the world. The surrounding areas at the Equator experience warm climate yearly which rewards it to be a famous destination to explore and it does not vary on the right seasons to visit since it is a worm area throughout.

You can as well get amazed by weighing yourself at the Equator which can weigh less by 0.5% because the gravity distance is at the line that weighs 0.5%. But once you leave your original weight returns, please note that there is no gravitational pull like standing at the equator and your weight get reduced by about 3% which is quite an awesome experience to encounter in a lifetime. 

Many would want to know the definition of the Equator; Equator is an imaginary line that divides the earth into two regions of the northern and southern hemispheres and constituting the parallel of other body. 

Travellers can also visit the souvenir shops and restaurants around the Equator whereby souvenir shops are full of nice-looking hand made products that you can buy and take back with you for your future remembrance about the safari you encountered into the pearl of Africa. Encounter in Child galley and Tribal Art and crafts which sell craft products in a well-organised way even better than their competitors.

Get to the Equator by bookig your safari to the western region of Uganda, probably on your gorilla trekking safaris in Bwindi impenetrable or a safari in Lake Mburo national park which are both located on the same route that leads you to the Equator. Where you can be able to experience one of the warmest temperatures while at the Equator as you can take a stand in the middle of the world and also have fun photography. 

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